By DFunk

The ultimate mission behind DFunk’s Speed Wax (DFSW) was to improve the riders experience by turning a mediocre day into a powder day. Cranking up the glide and speed factor especially in wet, sticky conditions is what our wax is all about. Waxing your gear with DFSW empowers you to ride longer and harder at blue collar prices. An exceptional experience on the slopes or in the backcountry = toothy grins and hi-fives by the dozen so go on, give us a shot!

DFunk’s Speed Wax is available in 2 forms: Pucks & Bricks (aka “Shop Block”)


Puck – 1.5 oz of Fast Wax!

Typically retails for $14/puck to public.
Each puck weighs approximately 1.5 oz/puck.
Each puck can wax between 2-3 skis or snowboards.









DFunk Speed Wax Brick or “Shop Block”

Each shop block approximately weighs 10 oz/brick & is 3.5 inches x 9 inches long.
Each shop block can wax between 20-23 skis/boards.
*** Shops can easily UPSELL their tunes with our wax, which means increased profits!
*** Covers a wider temperature range (19 degrees & up, even to 30 degrees plus!!)
*** Wax on your gear lasts 2-3 times longer

  1. Chuck says:

    THE Best wax I have ever used! My friend are all envious of my speed on the get back trail(flats)!