Riders Reviews

By DFunk

By the way, drop us a line (or three) in the comment box below and let us know what YOU think about your riding sesh using DFunk’s Speed Wax. Thanks and enjoy the snow — we know we will!

  1. Travis Tuttle says:

    I was one of the lucky souls that got to try some of D Funk’s wax while he was prototyping it. Saved my butt on more than one occasion! Was working as Mt. Host and Mt. Safety at Stevens Pass and spending long days trudging through some warm wet snow. But with D Funk’s speed wax – you would thought it was a day in light dry goodness. Glad this stuff is now in mass supply! I’ll be stocking up for sure!

  2. Mank Eater says:

    If I dissolve your speedwax in isopropanol, will it work as a rub on after the solvent has evaporated? Or will the alcohol damage my p-tex or alter your wax?

    • DFunk says:

      Dear Mank Eater,
      Most experts do not typically like to use solvents on their bases. I would NOT suggest using the isopropanol because it may cause some damage to your base. First off, the best method is hot-waxing it in. But, if you must use it as a rub on, then you can rub it on thoroughly and then use a cork or 3M pad to buff the wax in. I only recommend the rub on method for temps at 30 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

      Hope you find the info useful.
      DFunk’s Speed Wax

  3. Mank Eater says:

    Thanks for the advice, DFunk. Turns out only some of the components of your wax will dissolve in rubbing alcohol anyway…

    So I broke down and bought a waxing iron, and now use a paper towel to quickly remove the still molten wax from the fishscales in my waxless bases. Results have been great so far!

  4. F says:

    Nick at Snowboard Connection wholeheartedly recommended the wax.

    Today’s pow day at Stevens Pass so much more sweeter since I used it. I was haulin’ it all over the mountain.

    Sooooo damn good.

    Thank you.