By DFunk

The story goes back to 2005, while chillin’ in his RV at the Stevens Pass RV lot, Doug Funk (aka DFunk) began creating a rather ground-breaking scientific formula for “curing the cascade concrete”. That special winter year he gleaned all the information he could about the molecular structure and idiosyncrasies of snow from the University of Washington weather guru professors who were working up at Stevens Pass studying snow crystals and snowstorms. My friend, it was no easy task to find the perfect concoction for a successful recipe, but serendipitously in 2009 while adding in a pinch of minerals here, a dash of wax there, and a dose of love to go around, DFunk finally came up with with the wax we locals know today as: DFunk’s Speed Wax. After 26 years of riding in the Pacific Northwest, his musings of creating a wax to¬† improve the riding in our beloved Cascade Concrete had finally come to fruition.

During the 2009 – 2010 winter season, in the confines of a miniature kitchen in his Bellingham cottage, he would literally cook up “the special gray stuff” that was actually used by multiple competitors in the Legendary Banked Slalom with success. Kicked out of the kitchen by his lovely wife, DFunk then transferred his wax production to the shed.

DFunk cookin' up his wax pucks in the mini kitchen

Fast forward to the 2011 – 2012 winter wonderland season, and DFunk has now upgraded his wax production yet up another notch to…a big Seattle basement. Returning back to the phenomenal ski community at Stevens Pass, DFunk’s Speed Wax has gained momentum with whispers of its stellar “kick-ass” performance in the wet, sticky conditions. Currently its now sold in several Seattle retail shops, with Snowboard Connection being their biggest fan thus far. If you want an all around “good” wax that performs well in 19 degrees to 25 degrees, then we are your solution. If you want the bar-none best quality wax for the Cascade Concrete/Sierra Cement for a mere $12, then we are your answer. Period. Sure you can try buying those fluorinated waxes, but ya better be ready to put down some $$ and not to mention ya wanna protect those sinuses. Remember that DFunk’s Speed Wax lasts 2-3 times longer than most waxes available. Given that in the Pacific Northwest our climate hovers in the upper teens to 20’s, and into the 30’s in the springtime its obvious that DFunk’s Speed Wax should be the choice of wax in your wax quiver.

DFunk’s Speed Wax: The Cure for Cascade Concrete…It’s just what the doctor ordered!

  1. Travis Tuttle says:

    I heard there was more to that story and something and that there was another name your friends were saying you should use???

    • Jum says:

      Dearest Travis. You’re probably referring to Temple Voorhees beloved name for our wax: “Red Bone Wax”…m/b one day if consumers insist, we’ll have to make a version perhaps…aptly named, yes, but the story shall remain under wraps for now.